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NEW YORK – After aligning his OVO imprint with the like of the Jordan Brand through a timeless and iconic release, Drake is taking things to the a new level with a flagship store in the big apple. 54 Bond street is the new address to the OVO Flagship store which first opened its door on  Saturday, Dec. 10.

Hundreds were Lining up in front of the shop for their limited edition of the OVO ” Welcome October’s very own NY ” tee. Some for their own collection and some for the likely resell value of the pieces. However the inconspicuous team working for the music mogul’s  clothing trademark is full of surprises and here are the ten key figures to the new flagship store in NY.

Oliver El-Khatib – Drake’s Manager / Mastermind


He is the man behind the man, the mastermind behind the OVO imprint. it’s reasonable to credit the Toronto native as being the real wizard behind the curtain for much of OVO’s success; for launching it into a global brand that includes a record label, concert series and ubiquitous clothing line. Despite the undeniable talent of the Canadian rapper, Drake can rely on Oliver to put together a coherent strategy adapted to his notoriety. A vissionary and pionner, Oliver has always been praising the ying while people praised the Yang. Shifting standards of the industry ongoing trends to his advantage, they are together rewriting history, as the brand could probably be the future of fashion in the hip hop industry – The supreme of the hood.

It was his passion for style that El-Khatib saw as his true calling at the outset. Manager and buyer of ” Lounge ” in Toronto, he transformed the tiny shop into an urban hub that snapped up the hottest clothing brands. And while you’ll never hear him take credit for his central role, it’s more than reasonable to credit him for the direction the brand took in the last years and the venture OVO has blessed us with.

Ben Salomon – Director / The plug


He is OVO very own director with innate knowledge of the arts, who has lately directed the Sprite : Obey your thirst short films with Drake, Nas, Vince Staples and Isaiah Rashad. He is most notorious for being the creative director for the Iconic New York brand Supreme , and recently made the Capone-n-Noreaga Videos for the early FW16 Season opening release. But he is also the man behind the videoclip Rolex x Supreme collaboration and the 2012 Supreme domino video, where you can read more about here. so let us tell you this man holds a lot of secret and is really well connected. He is the one that will surely take the brand to the next level marketingly speaking but just keep the info to yourself, this has to stay confidential.

Kenneth Cappello – Photographer / Visual Mastermind


Kenneth is the one behind the OVO crew official photoshoot who gathers the 60 principal member of the OVO Clothing Brand. The choice of picking him for the shoot was simple, he has been the most active hype photograph with the recent shoot of VLONE campain with ASAP Bari Aka Younglord and apparently affiliated with EXIT magazine which has been working really closely with the A$AP Mob lately. He has also some ties to Supreme with his personnal famous photoshoot with some member of the wu tang & the official videoclip and polaroïd collection to the drop of Porn star Tera Patrick’s 2007 celebrity collab. He is also the former assistant to superstar photograph david lachappelle.

TOMMY CAMPOS – Store manager


OG in the game, Tommy Campos has been one of Drake’s day one n****a. Mentionned in the opening lines of  ‘ 5 am in Toronto ‘, where Drake quote ‘ This on some “old Tommy Campos Dice Raw” shit ‘. The canadian rapper is positioning and taking care of the whole crew as long as they take care of the business for him.

Leeki Van Damme – Street affiliated employee


OG in New York, long time friend with the A$AP Mob & Yams particularly, He is the guy who will take care of the implementation of the brand in new york underground scene and the security if things turn sour at one point.

ManoloStore employee /  Weapon fancier


Also store employee and active creator of the #NYKSADFACE. He will also be able to stir shit up in case things turns sour.

Angie Chavez – Store employee / Model / 80’s suggestive erotic picture enthusiast11138023_926032654114430_707644110_n

Model & fashion enthousiast, there link between those four people is that they all use to be affiliate to Alife Store in New York. She has link all over the city with guys like Action Bronson for example and the ensure the proper functionning of the OVO store as it ain’t just about hype but it’s also about the business. However her instagram is a real piece of artwork of seventies & eighties suggestive erotic pictures she can be time to time the model of …

Nicholas Carino – Brand development


Niko [ at the center ]was around at the very beginnings of Drake’s OVO label and helped with some of the company’s initial merchandising efforts. Still around, Nicholas is an active contributor to the brand development and was, for the record, the one who chased down the robbers when drake was held at gunpoint back in 2009.

Nate willis – Designer / Owl logo creator


Nate Willis won big back at the 2011 BET Awards, when Drake first rocked the owl sweater on nationnal TV which  was designed, in the first place, for FLAUCY, his own Clothing brand. The story around the logo is a bit shady as the internet does not disclose much information about any designer or contributors … Read more here [ coming soon ]

Gilla da don – Rapper / model


Toronto-based OVO affiliated Reps Up crew rapper Gilla most notorious in the hip hop underground for flooding the web and streets with mixtapes, is also a model for the brand. He actually first disclosed the collaboration with ” Canada goose ” a month ago through his instagram with the picture above.

DrillKing’s Daquan Washington & Shawn Jackson were on the ground at the flagship’s opening to check out the line and merchandise. Only five people are allowed to enter the store at a time, however the line is reportedly moving relatively fast.

The full retail roll out of the flaghship NYC store follows a previous “Summer Sixteen” pop up shop in New York. However, as the term “pop up shop” implies, the store was only active from Aug. 4-7, 2016.


Supreme / Ryan McGinness “Process” Collaboration Re-emerge On IG



It has been years that Supreme OGs have been looking for those grails … Apparently, thr33mod3 just got it all right.

Part of Supreme rarest collaboration, the english residant has blessed himself for his birthday with the full collection of one of most coveted collaboration.

Released in 2000, Ryan McGinness is an American artist who was born and raised in Virginia Beach in 1972, and spent most of his life in Manhattan, New York. After attending the Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, he interned at the Andy Warhol Museum. Known for his graphic representations and logos play, McGinness used the tee based on a paint sample tab, called the “process tee”. The tee is reading :

Supreme Process Cyan C
CAUTION Due to uncontrollable fading of printed materials, the color on this shirt may change. To minimize fading, avoid prolonged exposure of shirt to various sources of light. The shirt should be replaced periodically to maintain accurate color communication.

Distributed in a limited quantity of 25, to his Houston gallery exhibit back in 2000, the streetwear manstay also released a long sleeve version of the “Process” concept an even more coveted piece which was released in only 3 units.

Supreme Color Formula Guide, 2000, five skateboards bolted together
Each: oil on wood panel, 32 x 8 in. (81.3 x 20.3 cm)
Published by Supreme in an edition of 500 each

Along this, Ryan displayed an art piece called “Supreme Color Formula Guide“, a serie of five skateboard decks bolted together, oil on wood panel, 32 x 8 in., published by Supreme in an edition of five hundred each under the name Pantone “CMYK” decks.

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Supreme … Nak Rocks Unseen Supreme Embossed Puffer Jacket During Show




Supreme Member Na-kel Smith Rocks Unseen Chanel Inspired Supreme Embossed Puffer Jacket during Telfar’s “Country” show

As you might have noticed, this Season’s official Supreme lifestyle model is now Sean Pablo from the official Supreme Skateboard team. Replacing last year main model, Na-Kel Smith who decided to focus on his rap career.

Nak performed at the “Country” Show alongside Ho99o9 and Mid90s, a collaborative between designer Telfar Clemens and playwright Jeremy O. Harris. However, he is still part of the Supreme crew and has still his access. So it was only right that the first to have the jacket would be him.

Though it is still unclear if it is a Chanel collaboration inspired by their Embossed-logo puffer jacket, the upcoming rapper was performing during a Telfar show, he rocked the supreme banner, which is actually the most anticipated piece of the year.

A Supreme embossed puffer jacket in a khaki colourway, still unseen in the silver colourway. For the time being there is no official release date nor price for the jacket but they Chanel one is currently reselling for $4500.

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FTP Drops DC Snowboarding Special Collab



After the 2018 riots in L.A. after the pop-up shop and Suicide Boys concert DC Shoes has teamed up with iconic Los Angeles streetwear brand, F**KTHEPOPULATION on a collaboration that takes FTP’s uncommon aesthetic and gives it a high-altitude application.

In a new collection of winter outerwear and softgood accessories, the DC x FTP Snow Collection is composed of two snowboard sets in White and red camo; a 100% Polyester Reflective Logo Printed Ripstop with 100% polyester oxford panels white survival bib, mesh lining and brushed tricot on the knews, available in both red and white.

An allover printed ASAP Anorak, the great classic which sells out in a matter of second and that you see rocked at Suicide Boys’ shows.

FTP and Supreme Chanel Inspired Embossed puffer jacket

Nevertheless, this winter trend will be the “Anecdote Insulator” ( pricelist : $138 ) inspired by the now sold out Chanel embossed Logo Puffer Jacket while we are waiting on the SS19 version from Supreme; which was confirmed days ago

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