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What’s your rapper’s favorite go-to streetwear brand?



The Five most hyped streetwear brand in Hip Hop

Oversized sleeves, skinny Top-stitched hems Jeans, rebelious slogan-printed tees, the entire world of fashion has literaly been capsized by this vision that leads subcultures.

Innovative, today’s fashion vanguard is dictated by a handful of young creative minds who now access the highest ranks in the fashion industry.

From Instagram influencers offered 6-digits-contracts to model for the most prestigious brand, to the young designers landing capsule collections with the most notorious sports brand. Here are the five most hyped names in todays subculture.

MARCHE NOIR: In this fashion industry by accident

“In this fashion industry by accident” is the slogan that reads on their instagram page. Mixing Luxury codes with streetwear, the french creator are now touring the world and are the reference in the genre.

With the cult shots of Wiz Khalifa, Luka Sabbath and Ian Connor wearing the Utility “F**k Off” vest x Ian Connor back in 2012. The brand has since develloped a cult following in the underground allowing them to do in the last two months, 6 pop ups in 5 different countries and 3 different continents including London, Paris, Singapour, Tokyo, Los Angeles and now Atlanta but they also keep supplying fans by doing online secret ghost releases too.

The brand had the chance to link up with emerging artist before the fame and have prosper ever since. Kind of comparable to Places + Faces, they are assimilated directly to the artists that wear their brand and this spectrum of underground soundcloud aesthetic convey their image as the pieces helps the rapper asserts their affiliation to the scene.


AMMO STILO: Bridging the gap between the corner and the Runway

A fearless street wear brand worn by artists including Dave East, Lil Uzi, Young Thug, Levi Carter, Lil Durk, G-Herbo and The FreshSide Twins to name a few. Fueled from a creative background, Ammo Stilo is a fearless and self expressive street wear brand evolving into a household name, and one that bridges the gap between the corner and the runway.

Created by a group of young men from west philly, influenced by kanye Jared Richardson, Trebor Adams, Tom “1Tyme” Clarke, Quan Cruise, Zaire and Eric Scott; Ammo Stilo has no boundaries. It is the opposite of simple and stands for fearless expression.

In updated news of their brand, featuring Sonny Digital at their pop up shop with UBIQ, Ammo Stilo just recently launched their newest collection, the “WAVE”.


All made

Trippie Redd and Lil Wop have certainly done a lot for both Made and Ammo Stilo, since right before they rose to fame the rappers were always rocking the brand but it is the popular piece above that got our attention. Investigating on a so common name for a brand wasn’t easy but we finally found their page after few hours.

lil wop tactical made vest/jacket

Its affiliation in the community asserts of its great subtility. The brand roots deep in L.A. underground culture without you even noticing. MADE started as a dream which was realized January 2016 can be spotted in multiple videoclips, as their creator is long time friend with no jumper affiliated rapper Lil House phone:

Monte aka LilHousephone is one of my best friends. We came along way. He was the first person I ever told about MADE. I wanted to shoot and he wanted to model so we went to his old high school and did our first MADE shoot. I had no website at the time, no instagram, just a few samples and the brandname MADE.


Places plus faces

the UK is also having a shot at today’s new trending garment.

Part of the most established new hype streetwear brand. Places Plus Faces only supposed to be staff shirt for Ciesay and Soulz until their fans prompted them to sell some of their tee shirts as merch. Back in early 2014, the two photographs got so much praise from fans around the world that they turned it into something between merchandise and brand.


FTP : F**k The Population

Most respected streetwear brand in the game, its owner Zac has literally taken over the segment with the three-letter brand, so much than when you type FTP in google the ‘File Transfer protocol’ logo has automatically been replaced by their logo.

Causing lots of controversy with their slogan tees, they have made big headline lately for their latest Pop-up store, provoking riots in the L.A. store after they used a FUCT x FTP branded police vehicle as a  ram car to piss officers off, it isn’t official if Zac was forbiden from pursuing another event in any venue or found guilty of disturbing the peace, but this year there will be no pop-up.

Nevertheless, the drop has been rescheduled for December and earlier this week DMX was hired to model their latest collection. The new collection will  contain an extensive list of FTP items so stay tuned and check the ‘Pirate Booklet‘, unofficial lookbook to the future release before they drop the official lookbook.



The Hype Is Strong With The Off-White™ Crafts Flip Flops On Sale Now!!!



Where Can I buy Off-White™ Crafts Flip Flops ?

Continuing to add to its footwear lineup, Off-White™ has now crafted a flip flop style inspired by its signature Industrial Belt.

The hype has been big in the sandal game and we are reaching a new high with this Yellow Rubber slip-on sandals. Bonded and rubberized logo pattern in black throughout, Open round toe and treaded rubber outsole, the pair of sandals is also available in black & white and beige & black.

Priced at $150 USD, the Off-White™ Industrial Flip Flops are available in “Yellow/Black,”colorway here at SSENSE.

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Fashion Icon Ian Connor Confirms Jail Release Via Instagram



Ian Connor whose real name is Ian Justin Connar, is part of those iconic influencer in the fashion industry and just like his peers he has got in a lot of trouble for his behavior. Like A$ap Bari accusations of sexual assault derailed his wave, and gun charges landed him in the pen for a year.

Surprisingly, Connor revealed that he was heading to the pokey back in june as he was sentenced in three different cases, though two of them resulted in suspended sentences for firearms possession, which netted him a few years of probation, the third case, which was tied to a May 2016 incident, resulted in a 363 day sentence for “negligent discharge of a firearm.”

Voir cette publication sur Instagram

Sickö World Leader.

Une publication partagée par Sickö (@ianconnorsrevenge) le

Last Monday, Connor shared a photo of himself in the L.A. County Jail with a band-aid he is sporting on his forehead.

Right after christmas, the young and iconic influencer got out a free man and could be back to business soon.

Despite our extensive knowledge concerning Ian – such as his personnal Louis Vuitton Inventory – we are really wondering who is behind the Instagram account Bornfrompain1993.

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Anti Social Social Club X Ed Hardy Has Sold Out



Not even a chance to cop it manualy, the Anti Social Social Club x Ed Hardy has been one hell of a pain in our ass and we suppose most hypehead in the world.

Despite their really, really, really bad reputation when it comes to fulfil the order the received which led to a class action not too long ago, the ASSC logoed hoodie and the dragon was the piece every single one of us wish they could get their hands on. Retailing for the modest sum of $240 alongside a large array of items such as flip-flops, men’s shorts and even an umbrella!!! everything has sold out and leave us wondering if all that misfortune could be appeased by the brand not fulfilling their orders once again.

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