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What’s your rapper’s favorite go-to streetwear brand?



The Five most hyped streetwear brand in Hip Hop

Oversized sleeves, skinny Top-stitched hems Jeans, rebelious slogan-printed tees, the entire world of fashion has literaly been capsized by this vision that leads subcultures.

Innovative, today’s fashion vanguard is dictated by a handful of young creative minds who now access the highest ranks in the fashion industry.

From Instagram influencers offered 6-digits-contracts to model for the most prestigious brand, to the young designers landing capsule collections with the most notorious sports brand. Here are the five most hyped names in todays subculture.

MARCHE NOIR: In this fashion industry by accident

“In this fashion industry by accident” is the slogan that reads on their instagram page. Mixing Luxury codes with streetwear, the french creator are now touring the world and are the reference in the genre.

With the cult shots of Wiz Khalifa, Luka Sabbath and Ian Connor wearing the Utility “F**k Off” vest x Ian Connor back in 2012. The brand has since develloped a cult following in the underground allowing them to do in the last two months, 6 pop ups in 5 different countries and 3 different continents including London, Paris, Singapour, Tokyo, Los Angeles and now Atlanta but they also keep supplying fans by doing online secret ghost releases too.

The brand had the chance to link up with emerging artist before the fame and have prosper ever since. Kind of comparable to Places + Faces, they are assimilated directly to the artists that wear their brand and this spectrum of underground soundcloud aesthetic convey their image as the pieces helps the rapper asserts their affiliation to the scene.


AMMO STILO: Bridging the gap between the corner and the Runway

A fearless street wear brand worn by artists including Dave East, Lil Uzi, Young Thug, Levi Carter, Lil Durk, G-Herbo and The FreshSide Twins to name a few. Fueled from a creative background, Ammo Stilo is a fearless and self expressive street wear brand evolving into a household name, and one that bridges the gap between the corner and the runway.

Created by a group of young men from west philly, influenced by kanye Jared Richardson, Trebor Adams, Tom “1Tyme” Clarke, Quan Cruise, Zaire and Eric Scott; Ammo Stilo has no boundaries. It is the opposite of simple and stands for fearless expression.

In updated news of their brand, featuring Sonny Digital at their pop up shop with UBIQ, Ammo Stilo just recently launched their newest collection, the “WAVE”.


All made

Trippie Redd and Lil Wop have certainly done a lot for both Made and Ammo Stilo, since right before they rose to fame the rappers were always rocking the brand but it is the popular piece above that got our attention. Investigating on a so common name for a brand wasn’t easy but we finally found their page after few hours.

lil wop tactical made vest/jacket

Its affiliation in the community asserts of its great subtility. The brand roots deep in L.A. underground culture without you even noticing. MADE started as a dream which was realized January 2016 can be spotted in multiple videoclips, as their creator is long time friend with no jumper affiliated rapper Lil House phone:

Monte aka LilHousephone is one of my best friends. We came along way. He was the first person I ever told about MADE. I wanted to shoot and he wanted to model so we went to his old high school and did our first MADE shoot. I had no website at the time, no instagram, just a few samples and the brandname MADE.


Places plus faces

the UK is also having a shot at today’s new trending garment.

Part of the most established new hype streetwear brand. Places Plus Faces only supposed to be staff shirt for Ciesay and Soulz until their fans prompted them to sell some of their tee shirts as merch. Back in early 2014, the two photographs got so much praise from fans around the world that they turned it into something between merchandise and brand.


FTP : F**k The Population

Most respected streetwear brand in the game, its owner Zac has literally taken over the segment with the three-letter brand, so much than when you type FTP in google the ‘File Transfer protocol’ logo has automatically been replaced by their logo.

Causing lots of controversy with their slogan tees, they have made big headline lately for their latest Pop-up store, provoking riots in the L.A. store after they used a FUCT x FTP branded police vehicle as a  ram car to piss officers off, it isn’t official if Zac was forbiden from pursuing another event in any venue or found guilty of disturbing the peace, but this year there will be no pop-up.

Nevertheless, the drop has been rescheduled for December and earlier this week DMX was hired to model their latest collection. The new collection will  contain an extensive list of FTP items so stay tuned and check the ‘Pirate Booklet‘, unofficial lookbook to the future release before they drop the official lookbook.


Breaking News

M+RC Noir Is Taking The Bumbag Game To Another Pared-Down Level of Fashion




A month after Christmas eve and it already feels like christmas, as Marché Noir just announced the future release of their amazing Iridescent Prism M+RC bumbag.

A stylish choice for the man about town, made of a M+RC Monogram-embossed PVC, the Iridescent Prism M+RC bumbag combines a pared-down design with numerous practical features, including an adjustable strap.

The stylish and convenient belt bag captures the eye with its bold, iridescent hues and you can style it as a regular belt bag, a cross-body or an over-the-shoulder as a bold accessory which simply ensures versitality for this unique good.

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Iridescent Prism
Transparent Front & back M+RC-embossed PVC
PVC trim
Zip closure system
Adjustable belt

However we will grant them the benefit of doubt as a week after its official release, the KeepAll 50 has been one of the most hyped item of the late Louis Vuitton’s SS19 runway that took place in Paris back in June and seems to have inspired the French designer to excel.

The Louis Vuitton x Virgil Abloh bag waves both visual and technical similarities with the late fanny pack. Both made of Polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ) and embossed their most famous monograms.

Vote and let us know what you think in the comment section down below .

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M+RC Noir Pop-up Today in Amsterdam



Today and tomorrow Marché Noir will be opening a pop up store in Amsterdam, Netehrland for their illegal worker collection.

The Pop up store will take place Bethaniënstraat 391012 BZ Amsterdam, Netherlands, for two days in a row.

Illegal worker

The pop up will feature their latest collection and an exclusive “illegal worker Amsterdam” hoodie.

Voir cette publication sur Instagram

AMSTERDAM POP-UP STORE NEXT WEEK 12th & 13th (Sat/Sun) January 2019

Une publication partagée par #mrcnoir (@marchenoirltd) le

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The brand has lately been refering to itself as “Illegal Worker” since they don’t depend on any state to process their business. The young brand isn’t constantly staying a particular country and it is usually better to bring cash in the pop up store.

Very simple setup for this pop up shop …

For example, the French brand isn’t entitled to pay tax in its own country as the french law requires the non taxable person to at spend a minimum of a 183 days out of the state; which can easily been reached since they constantly travel the world.

as of 2018, the brand as considerably grew and proposed even more sophisticated garments for his streetwear. Designs are really and so is the manufacturing. Even their last wavy logo could be considered a higher quality knock-off of the ASSC brand, as the semi-vynil down jacket feather stuffed is just amazing, period. First modeled by Franck Sinner, the down jacket and its wavy logo channels perfectly the high fashion streetwear world and the embroied work on the other pieces is just incredible.

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Ian Connor Shares Picture of his $100K Louis Vuitton’s Official Purchase Inventory




Beverly Hills – Earlier today Ian Connor better known as a model during the Yeezy Season runway shared a picture of his purchase inventory at Louis Vuitton store which add up to a $100,000

For those who don’t know him, Ian Connor Aka King of the Youth is apart from being an American fashion model, an influencer, a creative consultant and a fashion guru, is also part of the famous A$ap Mob.

Combining all those revenues allowed him to have a comfortable lifestyle which he often brags about in nothing that could be qualified as subtle on social medias.

And — Apparently — he went nuts in the Louis Vuitton Stores worldwide.

According to the picture he shared earlier of the Inventory extracted by store manager, Heidi St Laurent, Ian has bought to this day, 26 different items for a gross amount of a $101,056.20.

The collection he curated consists of super rare and expesive goods icluding piece suchs as Takashi Murakami’s cherry umbrella, the monogram denim minishorts and the Stephen sprousse graphitti tee.

Stephen Sprouse graphitti tee

Ian who first started hanging out with A$ap Bari, then got integrated into the crew. He is since the face of Rocky’s AWGE creative collective while their long-time friend, Virgil Abloh, is now the creative director of Louis Vuitton.

Congratitulations, mister Connor, you are completely swaged up.

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