Where Did The Pierre Bourne Producer Tag Come From ?

Everyone has been wondering where did the catchy Pierre Bourne producer tag come from ?

Playboi Carti is fastest growing act in the underground scene and the “Magnolia” track also quickly become his most popular song. Racking up over millions of stream on streaming platforms, the A$AP signed artist which was lately call out by former Label CEO, Father for plagiarizing artworks for his own merch needs has been the trending topic. As the song’s popularity has partly been motivated by its catchy opening line, this has raised a lot of question on weither the Pierre Bourne  Producer tag was recorded or was sampled from somewhere even provoking a series of meme on social media.

Somehow, fans around the world seem to get infactuated with those tags, From Metro Boomin’s “If young Metro don’t trust you Im gonn’ shoot yo” to BigHead more recently, Pi’erreBourne’s tag was actually sampled from Jaime Foxx’s nineties sitcom ‘The Jamie Foxx Show’ fourth episode running from ’96 to ’01.

Breaking News : Playboi Carti Arrested for Domestic Battery

In the opening scene, the younger actor who works as a waiter in his hotel’s restaurant tries to help a blind guest (Ken Earl) who claims that his order did not take like french toast to him. Right after, Jamie tells him that he will go in the back and ask to his native french chef as he yells out the catchy phrase : “Yo Pierre, you wanna come out here?”.

The Videoclip which was shoot weeks before in New York, see the young rapper rocking multiple designer outfits including Rick Owens, Supreme & Raf Simmons while going about his day in fast forward mode, gettin up to no good performing 2015 Summer dance ‘milly rock‘.

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