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Who Is BB Knight



We have to acknowledge that the deeper we dig into the rapper’s career, the more it makes sense not to doubt his potential breakthrough by the end of the year.

With a background in fashion, the Las Vegas based rapper is cut out to be in front of a camera. Sonically and visually balanced meet the young Emcee who is slowly but surely making his way in your Soundcloud playlist.

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First off, who is BBknight for those who don’t know?

BB Knight is everything. BB Stands for ‘Be Beautiful’, that’s what I do.

You killed it with the zine videoclip, how did you come up with the track and visual concept?

What’s funny about this track it was a one take so i didn’t really know it was going to go up the way it did. Honestly, there wasn’t no concept to it. The Visual was planned, so I caught Lonewolf at the right time in Los Angeles, I played the song and got to it right then and there. I was modeling back then before I started rapping and my song is called Zines (magazines) so I wanted to figure a way to add some of that to the video and that’s what we got.

Where are you located and is there any tour or show coming soon?

I’m located in Las Vegas as of right now. Me and my group just had a show with ugly god out here in Las Vegas. Though we are going to New York in February, for the month, and we might have something cooking out there and a few additional shows in L.A. in-between.

Is BBKnight Rap’s Next Superstar ? https://t.co/YHLh2HG2HR pic.twitter.com/O5NjuhlTMJ

— ⛽DRILL♕KING (@drillking808) October 29, 2017

With our last article ‘Is BBknight Rap’s next superstar?‘, there has been a lot of reaction from fans on twitter retweeted that you are next up. Has any label or artist reached out?

Not yet, label wise we are going to get there, but I’m on my independent s**t right now. But I got something very soon with a good artist.

What have you got cooking, any future mixtape?

Yes, the “Knight & Koat” vol 2, we made this old E.P, down my Soundcloud that did pretty well so a vol.2 is coming with some Poloboy Shawty and maybe some other producers, it’s going to be active for sure.

When did you start taking your career seriously?

It’s been about a year since i started rapping now but taking it seriously around 6 or 7 months I want to say.

Your content is really coeval, where do find inspiration?

When I first made music, I got my inspiration from Famous Dex but that wasn’t me, I needed my sound. I added some lingo and I feel like my wave is different, it’s the BBwave.

Is drug an important topic in your rap, and what drug do you consume?

No, money is. I don’t focus on the drugs, i don’t take Xanax or none of those pills. I say it often in my songs, I just smoke my woods and create.

What are your next moves?

My next moves are stepping up my game and show the industry, I am not these other rappers, I’m on grind mode.

Anything you want to say to your fans?

For all my fans, you keep going because all of you make me and I’m going to show you all how we can do this, with  the strength you have given to me.


Lil Pump & Smokepurpp Are Leaving Xanax In 2017



It looks like Lil peep’s death worked at full capacity and successful rapper are starting to clean their act.

In fact, just 6 weeks after his death, major artists and upcoming acts have took a stand in the anti-Xan campaign. Today it’s Rap superstar Lil Pump took it to social medias to address that he will not take Xanax anymore. In different statement, people reported that Pump’s taste for the benzodiazepine drug was overwhelming and that he could pop, up to ten Xan a day.

Longtime friend and collaborator SmokePurpp also took the stance to say he will leave the drug in 2017. Travis Scott also commented on Purpp’s decision to leave this bad habit behind him. SmokePurpp has been signed to his Cactus Jack Record imprint since September 2017.

The rap-popularized narcotic was tied in the recent death of 21-year-old rapper Lil Peep after the manufactured drug was laced with Fentanyl. There is no official conviction to this day, but a young women of the name of Mariah Bons was tied to the event and Federal Agencies are currently investigating the case.


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Yung Berg Busted for Weed & Jailed After 9-Year-Old Warrant



Yung Berg was jailed on a 9-year-old warrant.

Yung Berg was arrested back in October during the BET awards, after a a woman called the police and claimed he unwantedly wrapped his arms around her. when cops arrived at Christian’s hotel room, they found 2 rolled marijuana blunts which would not have resulted in his arrest. Following their intervention, Police officers ran his record and found that the rapper missed a court date from 2008 for another weed bust and was according to reports, later released.

Embed from Getty Images

Rapper Yung Berg, also known as Christian Ward, which has been in the past year as a producer for household names in the industry was last seen at New York City Supreme Court on January 29, 2015, arrested for alleged domestic assault on his girlfriend at a NYC hotel on November 5, 2014. He was prosecuted for grabbing co-star and girlfriend Masika Tucker by the neck and beating her.

The rapper was later fired from the VH1 reality show Love & Hip Hop Hollywood due to the severity of the allegations.

We will keep you updated as the story develops.

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Rumors of a Supreme x Rolex Collaboration Spread On the Web



Rumors spread on the web of a possible Supreme x Rolex Collaboration for 2018.

After the release of their most anticipated drop of the year and the last chapter to their FW17 collection dropping Thursday, Supreme bags headlines once again as rumors spread that they are in talk with Rolex for a 2018 collaboration. However, according to SC, a Rolex PR/Sponsoring representative currently denies a collaboration.

As for their first attempt to do unauthorized Louis Vuitton items, Supreme took the liberty to customize Submariners that boasts the “F**K EM” slogan back in 2013. The unauthorized limited edition wristwear was rumored to have been only a friends and family release, with just 20 units being produced selling for between $10,000 and $12,000 which were last seen for $50,000 on Stadium Goods in December 2015.

While this is a venture The Carlyle Group would be keen to see happening, there is no actual proof of such a collaboration but the streetwear mainstay has always kept its cards well-hidden and so who knows.

We will keep you updated as the story develops.

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