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Who is Lil Jumex




2019 has just started and it is time to welcome the new DK draft to the underground souncloud rap world with none other than lil Jumex, the next big thing which has already been named lil xan 2.0.

Jumex, from his real name Mark [ Family name ], is an 18-year-old rapper from Chicago Illinois, who is making his Drillking debut tonight with his brand new records titled “Trapped”. Stream both of these new songs below and if you like them be sure to follow Jumex on Soundcloud . It’s not often that a new artist pops up out of nowhere and the green haired rapper has released incredible music for the past month with his two debut songs “Trapped” & “Loner”. He has been getting lot of major co-sign such as AssPizza who is starring in his “Trapped” videoclip which adds a bit more consistency to his clout.

Ass Pizza starring in Jumex’s “trapped” videoclip

But what helped kick shit off for Jummy was Taco Bennett, perennial Odd Future team member, who produced his videoclip and might have helped with the co-sign from creative director and fashion designer Ass Pizza, and also played “Trapped”, during his DJ set at Flog Gnaw as the crowd erupted into a giant mosh pit; good look.

Fot the time beeing there is not much we know about the young prodigy, but the fact, anime ruined his life. His favorite one is Tokyo ghoul, a Japanese dark fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Sui Ishida.

Set in an alternate reality where ghouls, cannibalistic ‘monsters’ or ‘demons who look exactly like normal people but can only survive by eating human flesh, live among the human population in secret, hiding their true nature in order to evade pursuit from the authorities. Ghouls have powers including enhanced strength and regenerative ability, a regular ghoul produces 4-7 more kinetic energy in their muscles than a normal human.

The story follows Ken Kaneki, a college student who barely survives a deadly encounter with Rize Kamishiro, his date who reveals herself as a ghoul. He is taken to the hospital in critical condition. After recovering, Kaneki discovers that he underwent a surgery that transformed him into a half-ghoul.

However, “Trapped” is something else, a special breed; a mix between some lil Peep and Scarlxrd for those in the rap scene; as his screamo chants could be compared to those of the ultimate king of the emo genre, the one and only Oly Sikes, Bring Me The Horizon’s singer. Polar opposite of his “Loner” laid back track, he unleashed a ton of energy on this one as you can’t deny that it has an addictive quality to it.

A peak banger that JUMEX takes to another level, as he perfectly execute his screamo incorporation. let us know what you think of Jumex in the comment section. How long you’ve known him for ? if you feel the lil peep influences more than XXXTentacion …



Kanye West Tells Zane Lowe He Went to Drake’s House and Leaves Notes at His Door



Kanye West and Drake have been known to be at odds for specific issues in the past few years. However, the two live relatively close to each other in California. Because of that, Kanye has reportedly been trying to patch up things with the Canadian rapper and revealed his methods via an interview with Zane Lowe.

Kanye said “You cannot be in service to God and be mad at your brother next door. I go to Drake’s house. I walk over there with no security and just will leave my phone number. Here’s my cell. I’m not trying to ring the doorbell and say, ‘You gotta come outside right now.’ He might be busy. He got a studio in there.” Listen above.

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M+RC Noir Is Taking The Bumbag Game To Another Pared-Down Level of Fashion




A month after Christmas eve and it already feels like christmas, as Marché Noir just announced the future release of their amazing Iridescent Prism M+RC bumbag.

A stylish choice for the man about town, made of a M+RC Monogram-embossed PVC, the Iridescent Prism M+RC bumbag combines a pared-down design with numerous practical features, including an adjustable strap.

The stylish and convenient belt bag captures the eye with its bold, iridescent hues and you can style it as a regular belt bag, a cross-body or an over-the-shoulder as a bold accessory which simply ensures versitality for this unique good.

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Iridescent Prism
Transparent Front & back M+RC-embossed PVC
PVC trim
Zip closure system
Adjustable belt

However we will grant them the benefit of doubt as a week after its official release, the KeepAll 50 has been one of the most hyped item of the late Louis Vuitton’s SS19 runway that took place in Paris back in June and seems to have inspired the French designer to excel.

The Louis Vuitton x Virgil Abloh bag waves both visual and technical similarities with the late fanny pack. Both made of Polyvinyl chloride ( PVC ) and embossed their most famous monograms.

Vote and let us know what you think in the comment section down below .

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Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Shares Sexy Bikini Picture On Instagram



Eminem‘s 23-year-old daughter, Hailie Jade Scott, is all grown up and on her way to become a pro social media influencer after sharing sexy pictures of herself and her fit body took during New Year’s Eve Holidays.

The most famous rapper’s daughter just shared a stunning bikini picture from her vacation in the down under. Hailie Jade Scott traveled all the way down to Australia for the new year and posted a throwback to her time chilling in an indoor pool in Wolgan Valley on Thursday.

“I don’t think i’ll ever stop posting about this place #tbt,”

Hailie captioned the photo.

Voir cette publication sur Instagram

i don’t think i’ll ever stop posting about this place #tbt

Une publication partagée par Hailie Scott (@hailiescott1) le

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Hailie apparently had a busy few weeks, since she graduated from the Michigan State University, with a college degree in psychology, told the Daily Mail during an interview that she said she wasn’t sure what is next for her professionally.

She also celebrated her Christmas Day and celebrated her birthday a week early with friends and family in a nightclub.

#tbt to celebrating my birthday with friends and family last weekend. i wiiiiiish i got better pics with this dress. guess i’ll just have to wear it again”

She captionned

On December 25, the day of her actual birthday, she shared a picture from the party, where she appears blowing out candles on her cake captionned.

“Happy birthday to me & happy holidays to you.”

December 25 2019
Voir cette publication sur Instagram

happy birthday to me & happy holidays to you

Une publication partagée par Hailie Scott (@hailiescott1) le

She has also been touring recently on her dad tour and reunited for christmas with Kim and her two half-sibblings.

Happy Holidays Hailie

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Super model and Camgirl Taylor White
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