Who Is The Man Behind Lil Windex ?

We digged the internet up for days to finally be able to diclose Lil Windex real name and identy. So, who is Lil Windex ?

Lil Windex is the last internet sensation in the hip hop sphere, the white version of multi-platinium artist Desiigner who exchanged his AK stutter for the one of a windex spray bottle.

Allegedly a rapper based out of British Columbia, We actually found him without the wig and the grillz in Snak The Ripper’s Humble remix called ‘Mumble‘ crediting a mysterious DTG in the description.

Lil Windex is in reality a fictionnal character by actor DTG, a Stomp Down Killaz affiliate who happens to have impressive lyrical skills. At first the concept ‘Lil Windex’ first came from Lil Yacthy’s Nardwar interview where he was compared to the sound of Windex spray bottle. Despite the stupidity of the character we can’t deny he can legitly spit better than half of today’s rapper. DTG originated the ‘Welcome to Canada‘ video, a comedy skit listing fun facts about canadian people.

On July 9th, the Videoclip of “Cleanin Up” was released and had social medias going crazy.

The song is an interpolation of the Korn 1998 single ‘Freak on a Leash‘  remixed by reknown producer C-Lance, who also produced for a lot of artists such as MadChild, AOTP and Vinnnie Paz.

If you want to learn more about DTG you can follow him on instagram and see his last video on YouTube.


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