Who Is The Old White Man In Plies Video ‘Real Hitta’

A lot of people have been wondering who was the old white man in plies video ‘real hitta’. We did our research and here is the answer …

In Florida or Texas you can’t miss them. The custom culture have turned those car into art pieces, making them more than mere souped-up rides. Late night at the gas station, a dose of good southern trap music custom rims and candy paints, meet ‘Grandpa’ aka O.G. Magnum who had social medias going crazy for the past weeks .

It always comes as as suprise when the old white dude gets his hood pass to share his love for the culture. We could not exactly relate how it really came about but we found out who was this old white guy who dances to plies last single featuring Kodak Black called ‘Real Hitta’.

He goes by the name of Bruce FL Nok Ryan but is better known by his street name is O.G. Magnum and he is quite popular in northern Florida in the custom car culture for hosting events, open mics …

He actuallty first became really popular in the florida scene for the semi-viral video that depicts him riding his Dodge to the gas station [ Video Above ] to ‘Same Cloth‘ by the two Atlanta new comers called Top Floor. Vibing to the track, social medias started to go crazy for the one they call ‘Grandpa’ as his identity wasn’t yet disclose to the public.

It’s only few weeks after that Plies decided to invite him to be part of the cast to his latest videoclip to his single ‘ Real Hitta” featuring rapper Kodak Black. He is the president and CEO of the Florida Custom Car Association and a member of the Nokturnal Car Club. He first made a name for himself by earning titles in the custom car culture.

Bruce granted Plies with one of the most viral videoclip in the hiphop culture due to the genuwinity of the character. Once again the Florida rapper achieves virality to its purest form, with Bruce a ear-pierced, full sleeve tattoed man in his fifties.

Yesterday he was still a minor celebrity in the car scene and today his passion might take him further than we could have imagine.

But not everything came as easy as it seems, in early april he saw TPD issuing a tresspass warning.  At the parking lot waiting for his friends, two police officers came up and ordered him off the property, telling him to act is own age

Bruce FL Nok Ryan owns a car dealer and is also an IT engineer and can be spotted in a short commercial videoclip for ASI as part of the Florida Bankers Association.

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