Who is Trippie Redd ?

But who is Trippie Redd or you might wonder who is the kid who did the smoking wood in the woods video. It’s hard to tell if you first heard him him or seen him, as the young talented rapper who coined the ‘Timeless’ genre has went viral repeatedly on social media with smooking wood video or more recently with the Nicki Minaj Challenge.

But there is a lot to say about the kid, Trippie Redd Aka Lil 14 who has drop, if you ask us, one of the most legit body of work of the last six to eight month. His last tape Called ‘A love letter to you’ is an anthem to the fan of the underground soundcloud genre and despite the comparasion with other peer, the Ohio rapper wins hands down.

Apparently the melodic rapper could have found the breach to achieve virality by hanging out with long time friend Lil wop, who is actually Famous Dex blood cousin, which could have gave him the extra push he needed to emerge from the obscurity of online streaming and turn it into a string of success.

New to the game, Trippie Redd which comes from the contraxion of Trip & Hippie while redd refers directly to his gang affiliation to the Bloods has had the time to release five projects in the last 16 month. Tapping the best in the game to be featured on his tapes such as Dexter and Playboi carti’s producer Pierre Bourne and 12Hunna among many others.

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However the Kid is still building strong foundation in the underground scene and is most definetly one of the new Emcee to be followed in the 2017-18 period. It is still unclear if he is lowkey signed to Rich The Kid or Dexter but we will find out sooner or later cause we can’t seem to explain how he financed the 10 videoclip he released in two month time … To be continued

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