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Wiz Khalifa Called Out By UFC Fighter : ‘I’ll Make Him Crap His Pants’.

Remember when Justine Kish Pooped herself during UFC Fight Night against Felice Herrig. Well, Felice Herrig invited Wiz Khalifa to beat the actual crap out of him.

As reported previously, Wiz Khalifa has been doing some MMA training in Los Angeles. So, TMZ tought it would be a good idea to ask Felice Herrig if she would treat him the same way she did with Justine Kish.

Asked to assess rapper’s skills, her blunt answer when she referred to the past june fight was far from classy.

‘Give me a mic and ask him if I got Skills ?’ she said. After she proceeded to a quick 16 the cameraman referred to her june fight and asked her if she could make him poop his pants and answered : ‘ Yes, for sure’.

If Wiz was to step in the cage with he better get his ‘ shit’ together and get a big ol’ diapper cause she wouldn’t mind show him what’s a fight.

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