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LAST BATCH – For the past few years we have been missing a bit of graphic. It is a fact that not many rapper have brought to the forefront real nudity and action. But luckily enough for us, Glogang’s last signee Rocaine has choose to play with that ” white gurl, christina aguilera ” for our own pleasure.


It’s is a fact that a person get shot every 3 hours and one of dies every 18 hours with rates going up to 47 homicides and 211 wounded for austin and 37 homicides and 286 wounded for englewood. The Drill Kings had a powerful influence in the renewal of the hip hop scene in chiraq. But it came with a price, What we call Blood Money since many of drill music purveyors are active gang member, who are not rapper acting like gangsters but legit gangsters that use rap to convey their message to the opps, grief their dead member and pledge allegiance to their faction, and the street are at fever pitch when it comes to settle beefs.

This batch is very substancial with a strong first position, and the second video drafted for our daily top five is Montana of 300 with his FGE squad, dropping a massive freestyle for the release of his new mixtape  ” Fire in the Church ” which has just dropped today.

In third position, the hope of Chiraq, Mikey Dollaz featured in every media at the moment especially ours, he just has been draft by complex news to figure in the video section of it, weither they do it for the hype or not, we are the one he opened to and the interview will be featured in our next printed magazine to be coped on the first of july.

For the fourth position is the most featured artist with one of the most devoted audience. If you are an emerging artist and you most definitly want to promote yourself then get your 10K together and go shoot your next single featuring the one and only Ayoo Kd . He will be most definitly featured in our next printed issue, so he read this Ayoo, hit us up.

and as a final position is, for his first entry, coming out of the dirty D [ don’t know if it does sound right ] BandGang AJ, with a very steady piece of work. Part of Big Money Band Gang whichhas to be the most underground legit entity emerging from detroit, which we are getting in contact with at the moment to see what’s really up.

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1 Comment

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