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XXXTentacion Jumps Off 2nd story Platform During Broward Concert

During the closing show to the Revenge tour, the Member Only Boss performed an ultimate dive from the highest platform he could find, a 20-foot jump that could have been his last.

Few days after he announced he was postponing the tour, XXXtentacion alongside the whole Member Only crew performed their last show in his hometown, Broward county without their caporal Ski Mask The Slump God.

After an incredible performance from Kid Trunks, the young superstar, who delivers to this day some of the most intense performance, suggested that he might jumped, quoting : ‘I’m attempting suicide’. after having a closer look at the height separing him from the ground. Unconfident if the jump would be a good idea, X was walking on the edge of the second story baclony and finally jumped into the frenzied crowd.

if you missed the live performance, You can also watch a lo-fi version of it here.

This marks the end of X’s first era as a major artist, and we can’t wait for him to come back after a well deserved moment of rest.

However, he will also be performing in NY on July 7th at the 2017 STEEZ Day – an event honoring late Pro Era member Capital STEEZ, who tragically took his own life almost five years ago.

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