Find Out Who is The Mysterious Girl XXXTentacion Dedicated ‘Garette’s Revenge’ To

A day after the release without prior warning of his latest compilation of hits called ‘Revenge’, the young floridian rapper dropped yet another highly anticipated track, which the in studio performance video left a lot of people asking for more about a week ago. Supposedly called ‘my heart’, ‘Garret’s revenge, a grunge emotionnal track entirely produced by X is now dedicated in memory of his friend Jocelyn Flores who recently took her own life in a motel room while visiting X.

I love you garette
rest in peace, jocelyn, I will have my revenge upon the world

However she refers to herself as a heartless queen, the heartbreaks and ongoing situation in her life have eat at her. Little is known about the young girl expect she was dealing with depression and was cleveland rapper cha po’s best friend, who lately changed his instagram picture to this one as a last chance to say goodbye to his friend.

‘ I’ve dug two graves for us my dear, cant pretend that I was perfect, leaving you in fear, oh man, what a world the things I hear…’

the song was released few hours ago on his soundcloud and is quickly reaching the million streams, similarly to Travis scott who nail 3 millions plays in less than twelve hours.

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