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XXXTentacion’s most disturbing footage [ warning shocking content ]



The hype is big but the foundation that structure his career is the fruit of a very long hustle. Numerous rumors surrounds the controversial Florida rapper due to a series of violent videos and the current charges he is currently held on. However, it didn’t hold the internet of going crazy, and his legit fanbase is growing bigger and bigger on a daily basis.

“They’re already saying I’m the most controversial artist of 2017 but nobody’s seen the half of it,” he says. “I finally have everything in my fucking hands so now you’re gonna see who’s the greatest artist of the century. I’m not talking about best artist in my city, or in my country—I’m going for best artist in the world.”

The 19-year-old MC, real name Jahseh Onfroy, is currently locked up in Broward County Jail awaiting trail for a number of felony charges. Rumored to be released on January 19th the young rapper is still locked up and will have to wait until april for his trial.

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The shakeup in X’s case not only comes of the big cosign from A$AP Rocky, who gave a major shoutout to X by reciting bars from the rapper’s biggest song to date “Look At Me!” “He’s the hardest nigga in Florida. I said it. So what? If you don’t like it, suck my dick,” Rocky said on Instagram Live. But it also comes from the actual 6 god himself who performed a brand new track live during his ‘Boy meets world’ Tour in Amsterdam, which had X’s fan accusing him of biting the flow from ‘Look at me’ which he denied in his last viral interview ( min 53 ). However, with all due respect for both rap superstar they are only jumping on the bandwagon as he gathered million of streams within the underground scene.

Although his release remains uncertain, the young rapper aims for greatness only and has plans to release a full-length album called ’17’ this year, plus a mixtape titled ‘I Need Jesus the Mixtape’, a new mixtape with his collective called ‘Members Only Volume 3’, and on top of that a horror movie sample-based experimental tape called ‘Horror Junky’.

Despite his future being held in the hands of Florida’s judicial system, X is confident that 2017 will be his year. Never the less his main collaborator Ski mask the slump god is still out there and just released a freestyle on PornHub.

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XXXTentacion Releases New EP Tonight As Christmas Present



XXXTentacion announces he will releases a new EP tonight as an early Christmas gift for his fans since they are challenging his freedom.

X shared about half an hour ago on his IG story few snippets of some Ronny J produced tracks and made it official that he will drop a brand-new EP tonight:

“Dropping an EP tonight as an early Christmas present since my freedom is being tested, I love you guys.”

While he didn’t say where he will upload it and for how long, we are confident that you can stay tuned on his Soundcloud account.

After seeing his court day postponed to December 15, XXXTentacion hasten to share his love with fan through social media and court information hoping fans will show up to support him.


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Rick Ross’ manager Black Bo passes away.



Rick Ross’ manager and right hand Black Bo dies at 56.

Rozay broke the news Friday night at a Maxim party he performed at for 2017 Art Basel in Miami, that longtime manager Black Bo died :

“This is an extremely sexy party,” he told the crowd. “I know my dog Black would’ve loved to be here. Come on let me rap for my dog Black one time,” he added, before rolling into a performance of his breakout hit, “Hustlin.'”

Relatives and others close to the situation have confirmed the sad news and offered condolences via social media. His son took it to twitter to give his father a last message:

French Montana shared his thoughts on Instagram: “My prayers go out to my brother @richforever and the rest of the family 💔 I know this one hurt 🙏🏼 I’m really hurt, shed a tear for u brother !We going miss you black,“.

Wale seemed especially affected by the news and wrote down his feeling for his old friend:

“As the tears begin to chase each other down my face. I️ try to combat the sadness of this new reality with the indelible memories u gave us. It still doesn’t seem real. It can’t be real! WHY is it real? Absolutely None of us have to try to think of the selflessness the genuine compassion and absolute loyalty for your friends you demonstrated daily. no sir, because those things are synonymous with your face. Those things are synonymous with your name. Those things… synonymous with the very thought of you comrade. My heart hurts so much. I’m wondering if I’ll ever need it again … The world, the label. S**t EVERYBODY knows I’m a mess. I’m flawed, I’m flawed, I’m flawed and maybe I️ don’t even belong. Maybe I️ never did. BUT because of you, the insecurities and self-doubt became as insignificant as these tears in a hurricane. At this very moment, I’m writing off instinct. The pain the sorrow the mourning is inevitable. But I️ could take 14 forever and still never find the words that illustrate how much we love you. How much I️ love you, how much I️ need you. Your wisdom, composure an ear to listen a shoulder to cry on all things we foolishly tend to take for granted. May God be with your family and friends. I Love u OG. You will forever be in our hearts. And I will cherish every piece of advice you gave 🙏🏾Black 🙏🏾 he added.

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Former NBA Star Chris Bosh’s House Searched By Police In Drug Raid



Police raided former NBA player Chris Bosh’s house on Friday morning in drug related activities.

Police secured a search warrant in drug trafficking suspicions that would occur at the residence of Bosh’s mother, Freida Bosh.According to reports, Sources told DeSoto police that a large stream of traffic take place at 902 St. Georges Place  and claimed to have witnessed several “hand to hand” drug type transactions.

When searching the home, detectives seized a large amount of drug paraphernalia which is indicative of narcotics trafficking but no arrests were made, the press release says.

Freida Bosh, Chris Bosh’s mother house raided in drug related activities

The Texas mansion owned by Chris Bosh had all the hallmarks of a trafficking fortress. From iron gates to security cameras but they also have the hallmarks of the mother of an ex NBA superstar who could be abducted for ransom at any time.

Listed as a suspect in an alleged crack cocaine and heroin trafficking operation based out of the home Chris owns in DeSoto, this isn’t the first time that a home owned by the Bosh’s family has been in trouble with the law. Back in 2012, a gun was fired outside a house Freida bought in 2008, and the property was also tied to a series of illegal parties operated by Joel Bosh, Chris’ brother.

We will keep you updated as the story develops.

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