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After of few month of hesitation to see how things stand, the industry wasn’t sure if every single beef Drake would handle’ll turn out to be his opponent last dinner. Due to the circumstances spreading with light velocity every time the canadian rapper open his mouth We had a look into it, to find the hypothetical reason. 

We all know Drake. There is no need for introduction. But last year during the Meek Feud, we came to the conclusion that drake aka aubrey Kasparov, was always three step ahead of the actual point the situation was at. Like a magician, he will get your attention to the left side while he is orchestrating your demise on the right hand side.

Remorseless, Drizzy has made his way up the industy throughout the years, dealing with many major and minor street beefs, even on a local scale back in Toronto, and has always came out victorious.

Protected by Kelly Bush Nowak, one of the twenty most most powerfull publicist in hollywood, she has always been Drake’s weapon of choice and not many people know about it, which is a dangerous mistake. The Head publicist, founder of ‘ID’ has been taking care of Drake for the past few years, and however we can’t really determine her involvement and her company’s implication in numerous tabloid headline, We can assure you that she is not to be taken lightly.

With fees that can, legitimately, go up to six figures, she already helped Aubrey to avoid police hearing during the Chris brown altercation, in a los angeles nightclub which caused the injuries of many famous by-standers back in 2012, after a feud involving Drake, Brown and Rihanna.

Futhermore his numerous business ventures with Apple, Nike, Air Jordan, YMCMB has made him the golden child of its generation and the one whose so worthful that he is to be protected at all time, regardless of what needs to be done . Considering the Budden beef insignificant , we heard rumors that him and taylor swift have been working lately on songs which she hopes will be a major hit. “Drake’s still devastated by his breakup from Rihanna and is hoping that this will get under her skin.”

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