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Young Thug allegedly Pimp Slapped Female Artist AkbarV For Talking Reckless To His Fiancée

It seems that thing got heated few weeks ago in front of the Palace as Atlanta’s female singer AKbar V has been getting at Young thug’s fiancée.

For the last couple of month, there has been an on going beef between the two lady and they had the chance to face each other in the parking lot of Palace in Atlanta couple of week ago.

In the video that surfaced earlier today, Young thug allegedly pimp slapped the female artist after she got direspectful and talk reckless to thugger’s fiancé. However, Young Thug’s fiancé denied the allegation during a live streaming  up above saying that people misinterpreted the  on going situation and she addressed the media outlet RapAlert for talking too much about the situation :

For now, we can’t tell what really happened but the palace is getting a lot of heat from women who feel now insecure due to the lack of assistance the security might have not provided for the young lady, read in the comment section :


Une publication partagée par Palace Nightclub Atlanta (@palaceatl) le

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